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Just wanted you artist to know that if you would like to use my pics in the creation  of  your art ,it is very ok with me!!!!, infact I would love it as long as you let me know so I can check it out. DemonWolf of Shadows did some sketches of the elder and crimson !!! very cool for me  to see my work done in a different way!!!! I would really like to see some photo manipulation!!!!!
I would like to thank everyone who has added my sculptures to there favs!!!! I am an unknown artist and this site is my first exposure to the art world. I have never been to an art school or even read a book about art,I dont use pictures or scetches to create my sculpts just my mind and hands. I have always been fasinated with dragons so I focus mainly on them. I use mostly air dry clay and anything else that suets my purpose. I hope to expand my uses of other materials but like most I have a lot more ideas than cash :{ someday I hope to have a career in sculpture!!! I have never sold one and dont know where to start or what there value would be but I am exploring the idea so if anyone has a good idea what I should do I would be very grateful!!!
Let me introduce myself
I'm a nothing nobody with nothing to say
Nothing you listen to anyway
I've been down the long road and it seemed so fast
No use in crying its all in the past
Cant tell you the things that created what you see
Or the reasoning thats been left with me
Ive had so much reallity
Nothing feels real to me
Just trying to live the only life I know
I'll keep going untill its time to go
No good advice not from me
People are what they want you to see
My storys complex and way to long
In the end you would say I'm wrong
So go on and turn away
I dont have anything to say
Nothing you'll listen to anyway....DWDriver......W T F